Tenant Onboarding

Welcome to ZoneVu™. This is the Azure Active Directory "Tenant Admin Consent (Onboarding) Process", that will register your company (Tenant) with ZoneVu, and will add the ZoneVu application to your Azure Active Directory. Pressing the button at the bottom of this page will start the process.

Once the Company Active Directory Administrator signs-in and consents to ZoneVu's requested permissions, you will see the ZoneVu application in your Azure Active Directory - Enterprise Applications section. This is where you can control which of your users can access the ZoneVu application. Any user that has access to the ZoneVu application in your tenant will be able to log into the ZoneVu application.

After you complete this step, contact Ubiterra Support to complete the process.

Click on the "Start" button below to initiate the Tenant Onboarding process.